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Madhubani painting or Mithila painting is an ancient Indian style of painting which is famous for its traditional content and style that has remained the same for ages.

Madhubani Painting is one of the most eco-friendly, where even the drawing pen is made from locally grown wood or bamboo. It has traditionally been a women’s domain but with their increasing demand across the globe, even men are adopting this as their profession. Madhubani painting has its appreciators all around the world, people from all walks of life are fascinated by it. The bold use of colors, abstract like figures of deities and ingenuity of this art makes it very appealing and attractive. This ethnic style of painting is very well preserved art form in India.

Being the birth place of some of the most celebrated folk takes of India, it comes out quite naturally that the natives of Mithila have an innate quality to conceive a visually captivating narrative art form, to tell these tales with their due reverence. These visual narratives are known as Madhubani Paintings, literally meaning the ‘Forest of honey’. These are also one of the earliest forms of Indian paintings.

Madhubani paintings have many styles:

1. Brahmin Style

2. Kshatriya Style

3. Tatoo Style

4. Forest of honey

5. Experiences of women of different community.

6. Vivah of Krishna.

7. Vivah with Doli.

8. Surya Style.

9. Mahatma budh Style.

10. Individual Strip Style.

An artist’s role is to create a world of imagination, the women of Mithila used to paint elaborate murals to express their thoughts, desires and anxieties; these were also a way to communicate with the male folk of the community. Therefore, these paintings are thought provoking murals, usually depicting local flora and fauna, images of Hindu deities with elaborate ceremonial arrangements etc. Originally painted on floor as Aripana or on walls as Kohabar, by women from different communities (mainly Kayastha and Brahmins), the medium nowadays has been changed to handmade paper.