About Us

Nisa Fashion is a Bhagalpur based company that was established in 2008.It is running very smoothly with the capable guidance of Mr Imran Ansari, who is the proprietor,We offer Salwar suits, Saree,Shawl, Dupatta, Stoles, Scarve & Fabric especially Bhagalpuri handloom products. Bhagalpur is already fame as Silk City in India for its high class silk products. The silk industry in this city is more than 200 years old and a whole clan exists that has been producing silk for generations. Bhagalpur is well known for its sericulture, manufacture of silk yarn and weaving them into lovely products. This silk is of a distinct and special type, known as Tassar Silk. Weaving Silk is an age-old traditional household industry of Bhagalpur.

We are the manufacturer & exporter of handloom made silk products into large scale globally. We are in a regular practice of innovating new designs and prints on fabrics. We are having successful business background since decades. Nisa Fashion is established with a common goal ethical trade business for all our clients with a consistent world class uncompromising serve. Nisa Fashion management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect.

Our Missions
Despite the present global recession, the apparel trade remains one of the vital sectors, which will flourish with continuity. Our mission is to revolutionize the rag trade and bring the developing countries closer to the first world countries. Our endeavor is focused to bring about the much required party to this international situation between the users and the producers. We work both on progression and sustenance about how these misunderstandings and miscommunication can be bridged and bring about a long lasting viable commercial cooperation.
Our vision
To provide a wide range of silk products at competitive price. We are customer oriented organization. Now a day, Nisa Fashion is a name that is counted for quality with competitive price range. We are one of the eminent and efficient manufacturers and exporters of finest silk, cotton and linen products. A wide range of best quality Silk, cotton and linen products offered by us. Nisa Fashion is a rising name in the industry that has been serving the clients’ diverse requirement since long back ago. At Nisa Fashion, we have relentless quest for best quality and perfection.